15Nov, 2016
5 Songs that were Murdered in the Making of Session

5 Songs that were Murdered in the Making of Session

By The Storminator Steen

Have you ever loved a song so much, you play it until you hate it?

Here, at Session HQ, we found the perfect playlist to inspire us during the making of Session. These songs were upbeat, inspired productivity and were just all-round awesome! Until they weren’t…

1. Morning Jitters – Friends With Leaves
Being one of our founding members original songs, we thought it would be a great idea to use this song in our very first promotional video.  
We did everything in-house.  Anyone who has ever edited a video will know what the “stop-start-stop-start” process does to whatever audio you are using. Think of it like a broken record or a song on repeat… the same one… for 24-48 hours, on end. After the editing process, we still had to show the video to friends and family for approval and hear it every time we opened up our splash page.
Just hearing the first chord of this song now sends shivers up my spine. I would like nothing better than to bury it in a hole and never hear it again.
Listen to the song here: Friends With Leaves Reverb Nation Page

2. Closer – The Chainsmokers
I first heard this song when it was covered by Walk Off The Earth. I just loved the upbeat “spunkyness” of it. So, being the music-sharing type, I shared it with the rest of the team… over and over and over and over again. While I still appreciate the vibe of this song, the rest of the Session team does not share the same enthusiasm. I now have to reserve the listening of this song to my morning showers, where I can dance and sing along to my hearts content.
Listen to the song here:Chainsmokers - Closer 

3. Heathens – 21 Pilots
This is still “playable” at HQ, but has been staggered to one play a week.
We always share our earworms here. One morning, I expressed to Carmen that I had Jeremy Loops’, Sinner, stuck in my head. She giggled back that she had a song with a similar title, Heathens by 21 Pilots, stuck in hers, so we played them both to satisfy our earworm-lust. Somehow, Carmen’s earworm just wasn’t satisfied and we had to hear Heathens ten times a day, for the next week. JP eventually put his foot down and was forced to enforce some “playlist rules”.
Listen to the song here: 21 Pilots - Heathens

4. First – Cold War Kids
Another one of Carmen’s favourites that’s still playable, but only just. We found this song on one of our musical Youtube adventures and it was love at first listen. But, like many relationships, there’s a honeymoon phase and, when it ends, it’s time to move on. Sometimes, like this case, you can even stay friends and catch up every now and again. Now, on the odd occasion that we do play this song, we can bop our heads and remember all the good times we had.
Listen to the song here: Cold War Kids - First

5. Down South – Jeremy Loops
This song just spoke to us. I think it may have been the music video, but I’m not entirely sure? Something just made our team decide that “this is our song” and it was going to be the soundtrack to the success of Session. We would jam to it, in HQ, and get ourselves pumped up for Session productivity. It’s still an awesome song, but we play it a little less these days. I still imagine this song to be the soundtrack in our Session biographical movie, one day, though…
Listen to the song here: Jeremy Loops - Down South

Have you ever played a song so much that you killed it? Tell us the story and leave a comment so we can reminisce together :)